"Rather Not Work", vinyl adhesive on bent acrylic, 34x24" "Stay home", vinyl adhesive on bent acrylic, 34x24"

Agency, digital video, 4:43 2017

Self-pitying Eeyore (Nice Guy), hand-sewn embroidery on limited edition stuff toy, 2017

Natural Office Sounds, sound installation on wireless headsets. 20 min

Teach Them How To Chop, vinyl adhesive on foam. 18" x 24"

Equality, 2015. 14:49 minutes.

White Guilt, laser on tissue paper mounted in shadow box, 4" x 5", 2017

"Holographic Will", 11x17" laser etching on cast acrylic, LED strip, electrical plug, plaster, brick, paint, spackle and truck bed lining, 2017

Happy or Not button, created with assistance of John Hampton. Raspberry pi, google spreadsheet API, buttons. 2017