"Mindfulness Matters" "Conscience" themed newsletter email commissioned by ArtSlant, 2015.

Big Sausage Pizza I, 40” x 60”, digital print on fleece, 2012

Big Sausage Pizza II, 40” x 60”, digital print on fleece, 2012

Young Money, 8.5 min. digital video. 2012. "Pizza is God", NRW Forum Dusseldorf 2018

Austerity, 6:27, 2016. Southend UK.

Important Objects, digital video. 2014. 9:18

Body Party, fabric drapery and pillows, Single mattress size. Double Happiness Pillows, 2 x 40cm pillows

False Impression, digital video. 3:21.

Mutual/Idealism, butter candles with tissue wicks, 2015.

Sea Of Men, Galleri CC, 2015.

White or Not Quite, website A2 poster and wheat paste on poster drum, Leeds, UK. 2016.

Global Happiness, 150 wrapped chocolates handed out to visitors, 2015. Southend UK.

Deep Burn, 0:30, video on LED screen and smartwatch. 2013 XPO, Paris.

Hot New World Views
Collaboration with kimmo modig, shawne michelain holloway, georges jacotey
Store Contemporary, Dresden. 2016

Plinth, pizza boxes, spray paint, spray glue. 2012.
A Total Jizzfest, digital video, 2012
"Private Settings: Art after The Internet" MOMAW, Warsaw. 2015


Unity (pendant), CK One with pheromones. Edition of 8.

Unity, plug-in scent diffuser with pheromone fragrance, 2015 "Suite", Museums of The Web, Palmer House Hotel 2015

Sea Of Men, Galleri CC, 2015.

Boyfriend, digital video, 9min. 2013-14.

Next Level Club Card, collection of Anthony Antonellis, 2012-13

Infinite Debt, digital video (3:21 Min.), 2012
peer to space, 2014